Never Ever Ever

by Woodman

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i'm not a thug, i've never peeled a cap/
but i'm a beat murderer who's down 2 kill the track/
if u ain't feelin that then u must be beligerant/ skills are infinite & not for the illerate/
yo, i've never lived vicariously/
i'm myself & i never take it seriously/
deliriously, i'll challenge any battlerap vet/
who has bottled up rage like he never had sex/
i always do me & i'mma never do u/
my blades are never dull when i sewer thru crews/
i don't remember who're you cuz u're unoriginal/
a diss isn't sublimal unless world is digital/
u'll be slain by mind, when i'm sprayin the rhymes/
picture me layin ya dime & let it play on rewind/
the type of imagery that'll shatter ya soul/
i just lost my remote so now i'm outta control /
Telemundo, my jalapeno raps is strong/
u'll wither with the heat cuz u're a papillon/
spewing rainbow scripts that ain't harmfull at all/
this is me dumbin it down & i'm still smarter than yall/
don't play me like a fool cuz i was lazy when in skool/
a pencil's my ustensile, i'm crazy with the tool/
for hatin on my tunes, i'll rock the makeup & the shoes/
to ruin ur kid's birthday by breakin the balloons/
spaced like when on shroomz, negatin all the rules/
i was born a winner, it's my fate to never lose/
i applied for a job & was blatantly refused/
i take it they see the clues, i'm too great 4 these bufoons/
physics will marvel when spit it with knowlege/
but they'll never see my peak like Mt. Kilimanjaro/
...venomous proverbs, poisonous scripts/
ure annoyed & upset cuz i make ur girl moisten her lips/
so throw a boisterous fit til u slip & u stumble/
there are no medics to run to in this trip thru the jungle/
where i--posess the better lines & the fresher style/
while u were bred in captivity so u were never wild/


released August 20, 2010
lyrics written by Woodman
beat prod. by Blue Sky Black Death
recorded & mixed by Soke




Woodman Montréal, Québec


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